Student / Alumni Testimonials

Kennerly Benraty

"To learn as much as I can and change the world is a big goal of mine. I know it’s a really big goal, but when it comes to trying to change the very environment that you thrive in, you can’t have a specific goal. You have to take every lesson and apply it and see how it changes you and how it can change other people.” READ MORE

Keri Cartagena

Keri Cartagena, a recent MSN grad, has just completed her second degree with Bryan College of Health Sciences. She obtained her Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing in 2012 and has come back to earn her Master’s in Education. Keri loves to teach and is looking forward to sharing her love and knowledge with new students and coworkers. We asked Keri to tell us about her experience in the program and she emphasized the importance of the hybrid format that the MSN program offers. “The hybrid classes allowed for me to work full time with a manageable school workload, as well as enjoy my growing family. The program is developed for working students, with the understanding that students have lives outside of work and school – which I greatly appreciated.”

Morgan Goracke

Morgan Goracke ’14 has been a part of the performing arts scene at York College since 2011, first as a student on the theatre stage, then as an active alumni volunteer in many backstage activities, from makeup to box office to technical assistance. This fall, Goracke has a new role in the department as York College’s first performing arts recruiter and Bartholomew Performing Arts Facility Manager. READ MORE

Walker Hermann

“I might want to apply for graduate school or go straight into the job force, so I really wanted an internship that could give me real world experience as an undergraduate. My human resources management major has not only inspired me to pursue human resources in the long run, but the courses and my advisors here at Hastings College have helped prepare me for my future career.” READ MORE

Bridget Huddleston

“The moment that respiratory therapist walked into my room, she was just so positive,” Bridget says. “She was the first person to ask me what I wanted to do when I grew up and (to) show me a light at the end of this tunnel. Ever since then, I was like: ‘I want to do that for other people.’” Today, Bridget is pursuing her passion through the respiratory care program at Nebraska Methodist College. READ MORE

April Francisco Klusaw

The classroom management courses at CSM have prepared me to anticipate many situations and challenges that might arise during my time teaching at JSC,” says Klusaw. “My experience with tools like Canvas and Tegrity have helped me understand the different aspects of navigating an online classroom. Klusaw also notes that CSM has really amped up prioritization and time management skills, ensuring goals and deadlines are met on schedule. READ MORE

Elissa Lombard

“I’m graduating with a personalized degree in international development. It’s a mix of international relations, international rescue and relief, social work and political science. For a long time, I’d had ideas in my mind of what I wanted to study, but I hadn’t encountered any programs that quite fit what I wanted. My vision included doing policy and advocacy work and community development work overseas, and one day starting an NGO.”

Heather Marion

“The faculty at Concordia encouraged, instructed, guided and offered spiritual support that gave me the skills to succeed in this industry and the courage to give it my best shot,”Marion said. “Dr. Lisa Ashby ’88, Dr. Daniel Thurber ’68, Dr. Jerry Pfabe, Dr. Robert Fiala ’60, and many many more.” READ MORE

Jacque Murphy

“I landed a job three months before I graduated, and this was due to my educational background at Clarkson College and the reputation the school has for graduating students with high morale and integrity. I am asked quite often at work where graduated from, and I am always proud to say Clarkson College.” READ MORE

Cami Oelsligle

Cami’s favorite part of being a Midland student was, “The opportunity to work closely with professors and students. The professors truly care; it sounds cliché, but you really aren’t a number here. I have professors from my freshman year still greet me by name and ask personal questions because they remember me.”

Cody Schilling

“I’m so thankful for the genuine support from the professors and students. It’s because of their assistance and guidance that has made NWU so special to me.”

London Sweeney

“The program (at Bellevue University) was so comprehensive. They really have it designed very well. Bellevue was one of the first ones to market with a really good, comprehensive online program.” READ MORE 

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