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Discover the Power of Nebraska's Leading Independent Higher Education Providers.


The Council of Independent Nebraska Colleges Foundation represents Nebraska's leading independent colleges and universities. It's our responsibility to help raise funds and awareness so everyone understands the economic and personal impact these institutions have on our state and our students.

Students on a Break

Did You Know?

Did you know that the Council of Independent Nebraska Colleges Foundation's member institutions awarded 40 percent of Nebraska's bachelor's degrees? And educate more than 35,000 students per year? In addition to  producing half of the state's health science bachelor's and advanced degree graduates (including nurses)!

The CINC Foundation supports the missions of its 13 member institutions and promotes the high quality and affordability of member colleges to prospective students and their families. 

Economic Impact Report

The CINC Foundation commissioned a third-party, independent economic impact study by nationally known economist and researcher, Dr. Ernest Goss, to document the impact of each CINC Foundation member and of CINC Foundation member institutions as a collective. The study and its results are provided in the link below. 

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