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Here are some useful tips for when you're preparing for college:

Begin with browsing the website of the college you're interested in. If they have a campus blog or social media be sure to check them out. Familiarize yourself the city where the campus resides and identify some points of interests (restaurants, grocery stores, and entertainment centers). 


Upon finding some colleges your interested in—its time to schedule a tour of your top choices. Be sure you bring a note pad with you to take notes during the tour and in your meetings with the campus staff.

While on the campus make sure you schedule time to meet with the admissions, financial aid staff, and a professor from your field of interest.

Be sure to ask:

  • When is the application due

  • What clubs and activities are available on campus

  • What is there to do one weekends on the campus or in the surrounding community

Ask the Financial Aid staff:

  • What is the cost to attend

  • What is the cost for dorms

  • What is the cost for meal plans. Are there different meal plans offered?

  • What scholarship opportunities are available. And where to find them.

  • Are there specific scholarships for academics, athletics, and special interests

  • Are there work study positions on campus

  • How to apply for a work study

Ask about Academics:

  • What majors/minors do they offer

  • Can they show you a plan of study to graduate in four years

  • What campus support are available (i.e. tutoring, writing center, student services, and career services)

  • Do high school AP credits transfer

Meet with a professor from your field of interest and ask:

  • What is the class size

  • What are the primary modes of instruction (i.e. in person, online, hybrid)

  • What internship opportunities exist

  • What is the employment rate after graduation

Also remember to:

  • Follow up with campus staff if you have any questions after your tour

  • Discuss your financial aid plan with your parents or support person

  • Develop a plan and timeline for applying to your top colleges.

Please Note: Information provided on this web page was created by our friends at the Wisconsin Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (WAICU) and edited to fit the CINCF site.

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