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The Council of Independent Nebraska Colleges Foundation's member colleges and universities are not-for-profit, private, regionally accredited institutions that have been educating Nebraskans and students from around the world for over 100 years.

The Council of Nebraska Independent Colleges Foundation’s 13 members offer a full spectrum of educational opportunities, ranging from four-year traditional undergraduate degree programs to graduate and doctoral degree offerings. Their academic programing includes traditional classroom settings, as well as online and hybrid offerings. In addition, a wide range of post-graduate and professional development programs are offered providing life-long learning opportunities.

The CINC Foundation member institutions are as diverse at the state in which they exist. Some are non-sectarian, liberal arts institutions, while others are church-affiliated, and still others focus on professional educational. But what unites them is their commitment to providing prospective students and their families with a personal, high quality and affordable education.

The independent higher education sector represented by the CINC Foundation member institutions are a critical component of the higher educational landscape in Nebraska. The majority of the institutions were founded in the 1800s and, collectively, these institutions have provided exceptional educational experiences to tens of thousands of students who have earned their degrees in Nebraska. The CINC Foundation member institutions have notably high graduation rates at all degree levels and in all disciplines. 

Economically, CINC Foundation members make a difference, too. The 13 institutions have a substantial dollars and cents impact on Nebraska’s economy. The institutions employ thousands of people in communities of all sizes across the state and generate significant dollars in tax revenue at the local and state levels. The students who are educated and receive degrees at CINC Foundation universities and colleges enhance the state’s workforce.

Importantly, CINC Foundation colleges and universities fulfill their missions with virtually no financial support from the State of Nebraska and at virtually no public expense.

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